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Dr. David N. Welborn is a primary eye care doctor in the Lake Martin Area of Alabama, USA. Dr. Welborn maintains this website of information about the goods and services provided by his Welborn Family. He provided eye care in Alexander City, Alabama for 21 years (1987-2008). The private practice was closed in 2008 when he reduced his office time to increase his time at the family farm. Today, he practices part-time at the Walmart Vision Center in Wetumpka, Alabama.In addition, Dr. Welborn owns Vision Analysis, LLC that provides optometric services in area nursing homes.


Dr. Welborn's Credentials

The University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB) requires all optometry graduates to pass ALL parts of National Boards to graduate. In 1987, Dr. Welborn's graduation year, this requirement included the International Association Boards in Optometry (IAB) exam in the Treatment and Management of Ocular Disease. After passage and graduation, the IAB Board requested submission of questions for future tests from Dr. Welborn.


Dr. Welborn was initially licensed by the Alabama Board of Optometry in September, 1987. He maintains licensure by completing twenty continuing education units (CEUs) per year. He was inducted as a Fellow in the American Academy of Optometry in December, 1990. About 10% of the practicing


David N. Welborn, OD, FAAO

Doctor of Optometry
Certified, American Board of Optometry


Walmart Store #1101
Wetumpka, Alabama
Phone: 334-567-7252


Vision Analysis, LLC
P.O. Box 515

Alexander City, Alabama 35011


Heartland Farms Alabama Phone: 256-329-2020

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optometrists in the United States are Fellows in the Academy. Dr. Welborn is Board Certified by the American Board of Optometry (ABO). Alabama has approximately 50 ABO Certified optometrists. The ABO requires maintenance of certification (150 CEUs every three years) and a recertification exam each ten years. Dr. Welborn is currently an ABO author, writing a Self-Assessment Module (SAM) for other doctors of optometry.


Dr. Welborn and his family operate Heartland Farms Alabama, a privately held family farm in Alexander City. 
Dr. Welborn and his wife of 33 years, Gloria, have three adult sons.
David Bishop Welborn is an attorney practicing with Herbert E. "Chip" Browder, LLC, in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. His wife, Megan, and he live and work in Tuscaloosa, home of the University of Alabama.
Daniel Matthew Welborn is a resident of Alexander City, Alabama. 
Dustin Andrew Welborn is the Video Coordinator for the UAB Athletics Department in Birmingham, Alabama. Dustin is part owner of  Down In Front Productions, LLC, a company that provides video services for the general public