Dr. Welborn's Bio


David Neil Welborn was born in 1960 in Haleyville, Alabama (Winston County). His pre-school years were spent in the communities of Morgan City (Morgan County), Spruce Pine, and Phil Campbell, Alabama (Franklin County). He attended Phil Campbell Schools.

He joined the Franklin County 4-H Club in 1971. He credits his experiences in the Alabama 4-H Club with much of his adult success. He won numerous local, county, and district contests. He is proud of all awards, especially his First Place at the 1972 District Junior Public Speaking Contest. His topic was "George Washington Carver", an incredible man of American agriculture.


David N. Welborn traveled extensively with the Alabama 4-H Club. He attended the 1974 Alabama Public Affairs Conference, the 1975 American Institute of Cooperatives at Michigan State University, the 1976 Natural Resources Short Course at Fontana Dam, North Carolina, and the 1977 National 4-H Congress in Chicago, Illinois. He was the 1977 Alabama 4-H Citizenship Award Winner.


At Phil Campbell High School, David N. Welborn was the yearbook editor, the student newspaper editor, and was voted by his senior class peers as "Most Likely To Succeed." He graduated in 1978.


David N. Welborn entered UAB's University College in the Fall, 1978. While completing all prerequisites for professional school, he studied Finance at the School of Business.  He enrolled as a transient student at the University of North Alabama (Florence, Alabama) during the Summer semester of 1980 to study physics.


He was elected a UAB Student Government Association legislator during his sophomore year. He later served on a campus wide Program Allocations Board. Just prior to his 1982 graduation, he was one of only two students to serve on the UAB Campus Master Planning Subcommittee.


From 1981 to 1984, David N. Welborn worked for United Parcel Service. During this time, he applied for and was accepted to the UAB School of Optometry. His class matriculated in the Fall, 1983. Dr. David N. Welborn graduated in June, 1987. HIs young family and he moved to Alexander City, Alabama and purchased a private practice of optometry.