Queens Peggy & Emulous

March 1, 2015-First Calf Heifer FAF New Queen Peggy with nine month old first calf HFAL Queen Emulous, a Final Answer daughter.

Heartland Farms Alabama

Dr. David N. Welborn and Family

Alexander City, Alabama


Cow with Two Hour Old Calf

Our History

We purchased our first farm property and current location in 1998. Five years were required to clear, clean, establish pasture, install water, and fence this wooded property.

We bought our first livestock in 2003, starting with pastured poultry. Donkeys were purchased for pedator control. Suzy, Stella, and Stacey are grandmother, daughter, and granddaughter respectively.

Our first cattle were acquired in 2004. They were Senepol. We committed to superior genetics from the start. We raised full blood Senepol/Senegus cattle until 2014. Senepol cattle are an excellent breed for the family farm. They are heat tolerant and docile. However, their growth is discounted by the market and their demand is limited.

We purchased our first purebred Angus heifers in 2013. Our Angus herd is currently being established. Beekeeping for pollination and honey production was started in 2010.

Bee Seeks Pollen

Our Focus

Our primary focus is Angus cattle.  Our goal is to raise docile cattle with superior growth and high carcass quality. We want market demand and we like to exceed customer expectations. Angus cattle give us this opportunity.

We continue to produce eggs with pastured poultry. Our hens can free-range within a movable coop. The coop is frequently moved to a fresh spot of grass.

Our bees produce honey from our field of crimson and white clover. They pollinate our fruits and vegetables.

Apples, blueberries, muscadines, and seasonal vegetables are produced at our farm. Blackberries, strawberries, nectarines, peaches, and pears are presently being established.

Two Week Old Calf

Current News

At the present time, we are re-building our cattle herd. We have a small herd by design. This allows us to pasture the highest quality genetics available.

Our matriarch heifer traces to the Queen Peggy family of Angus cattle. Her Angus pedigree includes Bismarck, Rito 1I2, GAR Precision 2536, and Bandolier. Her weaning weight expected progeny difference (EPD) is in the top 2% of all Angus active dams. Her yearling weight EPD is in the top 3% of all active Angus dams.

FAF New Queen Peggy 2222 birthed her first calf on 29 May 2014. The famous Final Answer is the sire of this beautiful heifer. Her second calf will arrive in June, 2015. The sire of this calf is GAR Prophet. Unfortunately, we lost a heifer in April, 2014. She died during calving. We learned the hard way that the EPD for calving ease direct and birth weight are critically important.

The Summer of 2014 took its toll on our bees. Swarms were caught in the Spring but we had three hives to disappear in the Summer. Although we are not certain, they probably absconded due to small hive beetles. The 2014 honey crop was limited compared to prior years.